Internet domain registrations

why register your own domain?

Before a client will do business with you, that person will investigate your digital footprint - look at your website, visit your facebook profile and more. 

Without your own domain or established internet presence, clients are inclined to take you less seriously if you work from a gmail, hotmail, yahoo and other accounts. 

The change in how clients perceive you - even on the internet, has a direct impact on your business. 

Would you trust us with your corporate internet presence if we offered our services from a gmail account?

quick and easy

At Internet Namibia, we try to make your new domain registration as quick and simple as possible. 

Once we have all the detail we need, your registration is instant, and you can start using your domain and email accounts within half an hour.

All you have to do, is to complete the online registration.

the technical details

With your registration and hosting package, you actually get A LOT more than what is stated above. Take a look...

the tech spec

Technical aspects of your new domain:

The hosting package is perfect for small to medium businesses and includes:

WordPress AppInstaller
24/7 technical support
99.9% uptime guarantee
PHP (latest version) 
Spam Filtering
Daily Backups
konsoleH Control Panel
SVN/GIT Client
SSH Access
Unlimited Traffic
Massive Hosting Disk Space
Up to 40 Databases
Ample Mailboxes
Ample Email Aliases

* Terms and conditions apply. E&OE accepted
Hosting packages does not include web design. For that, please visit our web design page.

Hosting Package Prices