forensic investigations

if you suspect...
we may confirm

This service is fairly new in Namibia and is exclusively engaged in cases where an employer or a company suspects wrongdoing or criminality at the hands of an employee.

Our purpose is to find evidence - even deleted material - on the computer equimpent used, and enable the company to make an informed decision towards disciplinary action or criminal prosecution where appropriate. 

If it's there, we'll find it

What we use is used by law enforcement, military, and corporate examiners to investigate what happened on a computer.

Some of the services include: 
•  Timeline Analysis - Advanced graphical event viewing timeline. 
•  Hash Filtering - Flag known bad files and ignore known good. 
•  Keyword Search - Indexed keyword search to find files that mention relevant terms. 
•  Web Artifacts - Extract history, bookmarks, and cookies from Firefox, Chrome, and IE. 
•  Data Carving - Recover deleted files from unallocated space. 
•  Multimedia - Extract pictures and recover videos. 
•  Indicators of Compromise.

Everyone wants results yesterday. We do not provide it. This takes time. If we know what we are looking for, it may take days. If we do not, this may take weeks. 

In this process, we physically remove the computer equipment used, and run our analyses in our environment, away from any outside interference.

Given the specialised nature of this service and expertise involved, is not an inexpensive exercise. External investigators may be called in, and given the nature of the investigation, some consideration should be given to the possibility of monetary recovery or the desire for conviction in criminal prosecution. In some cases the cost of our analysis does not justify the amount or potential recovery involved in the criminality. This decision remains with the client.

Additional investigative services are also available via trusted third parties.

Privacy and discretion is assured. 

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