data security

how exposed
is your online data?

Smart hackers can find an unprotected printer IP address and exploit it to your detriment... just as an example. 

If you are working with very private or sensitive data - whether in your business, or in your private capacity, perhaps you should look into a ZERO, untracable, encrypted presence for all your data sharing, internet activity, emails and data transport. 

Consider the cost of recovery if your data gets stolen.

This service is not for everyone - only for those individuals for whom data security breaches can cause irreperable harm. 

virtual private network

This service, available only on debit order, is for serious individuals with serious communication and internet interaction concerns. If you are serious about your business, or your business is serious - at least the privacy of said - then you should read further.

A VPN encrypts everything that comes and goes from any one of each of up to five of your communication devices. Furthermore, where you went, time spent, anything unloaded and any emails.... the list goes on. Even Torrentz become untraceable.

With over 5,000 servers stationed worldwide - each with a no-logging policy - internet tracks are non-existent and data security is guaranteed.

How it works.... 

Any communication - any - from your selected five devices is secured. From your device, your first port of call is to your local ISP who facilitates your broadband/ADSL/fibre, etc. to the internet. From there your communication passes through a VPN server (one of the stated many) where your originating IP address is completely hidden. 

From originating device to destination device - and back - everything is encrypted with military grade algorithms. 

The downside... 

As there is more high tech equipment involved to secure your communications and hide what you sent, received and your location, you can expect a speed deficit of between 7% and 11% on what you normally experience. 


This service is available on monthly debit orders only. Your bank account may reflect whatever you choose - PnP Vegetables, Car Maintenance, etc. 

Internet Namibia adds another level of data security - a no logging policy - by securing your identity. Welcome CustomerX. 

We will handle the administrative side, until such time as you choose to discontinue the service. To discontinue, one calendar month's notice in writing is all we need.

In order to engage this service, a short highly confidential consultation needs to take place in order for us to find the best fit for your requirements. NDA's are expected and welcome. 

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