Specialised Services

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution in internet technology. Sometimes our clients require a little more from us, and to this purpose, we have expanded our services to include some requirements that we run into more often than not. 

These services are not for everybody, so kindly engage us in conversation before making a decision. 

Utter discretion on the below services are guaranteed, with single contact person and NDA's (non disclosure agreements) considered standard procedure. 

VPN Data Security

In our information age, what damage can you suffer if your communications or engagement over the internet - that you thought were private - were to be compromised? We have a solution - communicate through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

 VPN Data Security 

Digital Forensic Investigations

So often it is the people in your trust who causes the most damage, and from this position of trust, inflicts irreparable harm or loss. Fortunately in most cases the company's infrastructure and assets are employed in acts of wrongdoing. Where these assets are retrieved, we can run a full analysis of the IT infrastructure used, and uncover enough for internal processes or criminal prosecutions.

 DF Investigations