JOLA VSAT Internet


JOLA KA band VSAT internet is brand new in Namibia! And yes, you heard it right - we cover every square meter in Namibia. North to South, East to West. And what's more, we challenge you to find a faster KA band internet solution in Namibia. If you do, we'll give you yours for FREE!

JOLA KA internet is a low earth orbit satellite solution, bringing you connectivity at lightning fast speeds, where ever you may be. 

Very much like your Multichoice satellite link to television entertainment, JOLA brings you unsurpassed uptime and reliability.

It is by far the FASTEST and CHEAPEST VSAT solution in Namibia.

It's time to get connected!

Because some heavy duty and uber expensive satellite technology is involved, you will note that the data bundles are more expensive than what ADSL traditionally offers you. However, we will bring you internet where there is no infrastructure - not even a cellphone signal or a flushing toilet. 

But get this.... our packages start at N$ 699 per month. 




Yes, you will need a dish. And your Cadac skottel is NOT going to do the job. And yes, unless you worked for NASA, our boys will have to install it for you. But the good news is that the equipment and installation cost can be included in your monthly payments - Interest free over two years!

JOLA is not only for rural (middle of nowhere) areas. It serves as a very reliable backup solution for businesses in urban areas, for whom internet connectivity is key. When the local boys dip (again), you will be online.