E-commerce Websites

Planning on selling your products online? Let us build your powerful online e-commerce store.

We all have to sleep. And very few of us keep the same office hours. Allowing your products to be available online for odering 24/7 puts a new dimension in your sales. Your clients can get up 03h00 in the morning and place his/her order from your company. 

This convenience to clients is a fast growing globally growing trend, and has seen a phenomenal uptake since its onset a few years ago. No more busy phone lines, no more "Mr. Smith is out to lunch", no more interruptions. 


The tools of the trade that we employ are some of the most powerful and versatile on the market. We can integrate your e-commerce website with a secure online payment gateway, allowing you to receive payment for your goods before you ship or deliver them. 

Or we can simply make your e-commerce website an online ordering system, allowing you plenty of opportunity to up-sell each order and maintain a personal relationship with your client - an aspect so very important to business in Namibia.

So, you can pack the fishing rod and spend some time with the family. Your e-commerce website will remain open for business.

Our powerful e-commerce solutions allows you to sell your products 24/7 and  gives you:

  • Multiple Currencies over multiple countries (Yes, you can now sell world-wide!)
  • Multiple Shopper Groups
  • Mulitple Price Points
  • Various Secure Payment Gateways (Or simple online ordering.)
  • Unlimited Products - backed by a secure SQL database and protected by daily backups.

This type of website is not for everybody or every business. But if you see a fit for what you are selling... in all likelyhood, we will too.

Internet Namibia offers turn-key solutions for your online store. And we will help you to run it yourself.

Designed and built for Namibians... Priced for Namibians!