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Web domain registration Terms and Conditions pertaining to the 2016/2017 special:

  1. By entering into this agreement and making use of the special on domain registrations, which includes a hosting package for your website and email accounts, you confirm that you are legally authorized to do so on behalf of your company, or in your own personal capacity.
  2. The details provided for registration will be the details considered for all legalities and formalities.
  3. Domain registration takes place upon confirmed receipt of the registration fee of N$125 plus VAT for 2016, or N$250 plus VAT for the 2017 calendar years.
  4. The registration of your domain does not include any website development, but we can certainly provide you with a quotation for said development. That will be quoted separately.
  5. To make use of this special price, you agree to renew your domain for a minimum of one year, commencing at the end of your first year of use of the domain. Consequently, this is a two year agreement. Should you wish to terminate your domain before the agreed two year term is expired, a penalty fee, equal to one year's renewal will apply and immediately become due.
  6. The 2017 price for either renewal for the year in advance, or early termination is N$1782 plus VAT.
  7. Should you consider a domain registration for any period of less than two years, kindly do not make use of this special as the early termination fee will make this offer unattractive. In such a case, rather speak to us and allow us to find a way to accommodate you under the same terms.